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Welcome to Sketchyland! Our biochemistry course takes place at a beloved theme park. Beloved, and extremely dangerous—do not ride these rides if you value your life. We'll start with carbohydrates in the Candy Kingdom before we grab some greasy grub in the lipid food court. Then it's off to EPNOT at the nucleus of the park to talk about nucleic acids before we finish at Amino Island. And if you slip the tour guide a twenty, you can get backlot access to see how the park is regulated... and just how little attention security is actually paying.

Systems Biology

Ah, time travel. It’s good for when you want to go back and erase your most embarrassing moments from history, but it’s great for when you need to learn about your organ systems. As you hop around the timeline, from Ancient Egypt to a neon-soaked neo-noir future, you’ll encounter a whole slew of memorable characters. A brainy but sadly quite evil mayor lords over the nervous system, King Mat the Poet gives rise to an entire immune lineage and its attendant family squabbles, and Little Lord Whisker-Biscuits can never get warm no matter how much he shivers—but at least he’s not stuck in the renal sewers.


An elf, a worc, and a wizard walk into… wait. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. But there really are elves, and wizards, and many more fantastical, unforgettable creatures of all kinds in our physics course! Travel through magical lands as you learn the laws of the very universe itself. Catapulted projectiles, jewels overflowing with energy, electricity-wielding wizards, and a pair of mischievous elves with great glass lenses—a grand adventure awaits!

Organic Chemistry

Love it or hate it, organic chemistry is one of those absolute classic college courses, so we’ve set our course… in college. It’s. So. meta. From picking up some general principles on move-in day and touring the campus, to exploring all of the (functional) groups college has to offer, you’ll get to relive the magic of freshman year, only this time without all the awkward encounters. Just as memorable, much less cringey.

General Chemistry

Join the Dalton family vacation! Hitch a ride as they brave the elements on a road trip, get some quality family bonding time, and share a bad drug reaction that sends them all spiraling into a hallucinatory zone of thermochemical nightmares. You know, typical family trip stuff. To round out the journey, learn about solutions and electrochemistry while swimming in shark infested waters during a lightning storm, and jump in an active geyser to cover acids and bases! You’ll have memories to last forever, if you make it back alive.

MCAT Strategy

It would be great if medical schools could just look inside your brain, realize you know everything you need to, and get on with things. But at the end of the day, the MCAT is a test you need to actually sit down and take. Like with any test, there are strategies (beyond just “know everything”) that can help you succeed on the day. Using example passages, we’ll help you hone your test-taking skills so you can let your knowledge shine.


Where better to delve into the human mind than… the animal kingdom? It might seem counter-intuitive, but think about it: dogs learn. Elephants remember. Sloths sleep. And cows are just so freakin eMOOtional. They may look a little different, but they share all of our joys, sorrows, prejudices, quirks, and self-images that may or may not reflect reality. Welcome to an extremely memorable menagerie!

Cell Biology

Sketchy goes intergalactic! In our cell biology course, you’ll launch into space to learn all about the inner workings of cells. In low-Earth orbit, the Sketchy Space Station plays host to the grooviest dance party this side of the Crab Nebula, not to mention its organelle pods, cytoskeletal scaffolding, and some… frankly inappropriately shaped rockets. From there, you can venture into deep space to unlock the secrets of the universe and learn the true history of how life on Earth evolved. No spoilers, but: Space Dinosaurs. And watch out for viraliens as you journey through the stars! Those guys are just plain mean.

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