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Sketchy is a powerful visual learning platform designed to retain and apply content for mastering your MCAT®.

We utilize the ‘method of loci' which sorts information into what is called 'memory palaces.' This is just a fancy way of saying we will make you a modern memory champion. Upgrade your learning from boring text books to Sketchy!

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Nucleic Acids
Metabolic Regulation
Eukaryotic Cells
Prokaryotic Cells
Genetics & Evolution
Systems Biology
General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
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30+ Review Cards
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5+ Review Cards
5+ Review Cards
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I have never used Sketchy before, but have heard many good things about it. As soon as I saw that colorful amino acid animals I actually think there is a chance I'll get a good test score. Overall, I think this is perfect, and it does what no other study prep service is doing.
- Joel, Class of 2024, Indiana University
Love this! I could see myself binge watching this instead of Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime
- Gloria, University of California, Berkeley
The visual relation to the concepts is something I have looked for in other prep products but have not seen anything like this until now, it helps with my learning and retention of the information.
- Alexa, Class of 2020, University of Central Florida
I love the visual systems used to explain, really helps remember the idea. I really need more videos like this!
- Arjun, Class of 2020, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
This video was an amazing test run and I certainly see that sketchyMCAT has the potential to be a game changer in MCAT prep.
- Charles, Class of 2019

Increase Retention by 30%

Tap in to your spatial memory and let Sketchy MCAT Prep become your go-to study companion.

Visual Learning Platform

Learning modules designed to teach you critical content.

Highly memorable video sketches to solidify concepts.

Rich illustrations and mnemonic devices designed to increase learning.

Map-Based Studying

An immersive world that engages across all subjects and topics.

Allows for easier segmentation of learning and expands your knowledge recall.

It makes MCAT studying fun (yes, really).

Assessment Question Bank (Coming Summer 2021)

Practice MCAT-style questions to review and apply your knowledge.

Format and presentation to match the exam style.

Questions designed to test what you need to know.

Eat the MCAT for Breakfast

Our goal is to help you master the MCAT in the same way that we have helped more than 100,000 medical students succeed on the USMLE exams for the past 5 years.

Think of us as your best friend, loaded with crazy stories so you never forget a single detail.


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