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As part of the Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials Bundle, we’re proud to offer our money-back score guarantee.

What is the Process for Redeeming a Sketchy MCAT Score Guarantee?

If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, you are a candidate for the Sketchy MCAT Score Guarantee and can follow the following steps to redeem your refund. Please note that all of the following steps must be completed in order to successfully redeem your Sketchy MCAT Score Guarantee:

1. Double-check that you’ve reached the end of your Sketchy subscription access term.

2. Make sure that you’ve completed the Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials program in accordance with the criteria below, completing all the following work by your test date, and at least 50% of it done not less than two weeks before your test date:

  • Watched >300 unique Sketchy MCAT lessons from within one Sketchy account
  • Answered >500 unique quiz questions from within one Sketchy account
  • Completed >2,000 unique AAMC questions, inclusive of at least 4 scored full-length exams

3. Be ready to provide a record of BOTH a proctored “prior MCAT score” taken before purchasing Sketchy as well as a proctored “post-Sketchy MCAT score” taken after step #2 above was completed.

  • The only acceptable record of an MCAT score is a .PDF download of your Official MCAT Score Report
  • If there are multiple prior scores, the highest score will count as the “prior MCAT score”
  • The name on both score reports must match the name listed on your Sketchy account in order to be valid

4. Once you have confirmed and collected all of the above, send an email to [email protected] no later than 60 days after your subscription expires, and you will be sent back a secure form to upload your documents by one of our Sketchy MCAT Score Guarantee team members.

5. Scores will be evaluated by Sketchy as follows:

  • If “prior score” is 500 or lower, we guarantee a 10-point improvement on your “post-Sketchy MCAT score”
  • If “prior score” is 500 or higher, we guarantee a 510 or higher on your “post-Sketchy MCAT score”

6. If all of the above is found to be true and accurate, you will be refunded your purchase price* to your original form of payment.

Have questions? Feel free to email us any time at [email protected];

*Your purchase price is defined as the cost to use Sketchy resources and is not inclusive of the cost of the AAMC materials bundled with the MCAT Prep Essentials offering (currently priced at $268.80). Your refund can be calculated using the following formula: (Price You Paid - $268.80 = Purchase Price Refunded)

The Sketchy MCAT Score Guarantee is subject to our standard Terms of Use, which are available here: Sketchy reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters related to the Sketchy MCAT Score Guarantee and to interpret and apply our Terms of Use as we see fit. By accepting this offer, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use and to the final say of the company. Sketchy is not affiliated with or endorsed by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).