Statement on Equity & Anti-Racism In Medical Education and Healthcare:

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We, the Sketchy Medical team, apologize for our contributions to the bias, discrimination, and racism that are pervasive in medical education and this nation’s healthcare system. With much appreciated feedback from our users, we have been studying our mistakes and formulating a plan to make deep and sustained changes to the way we teach about race, racism, and other forms of discrimination in medicine. Our plan is three-fold:

  1. Review, remove, and revise current art and content that stigmatizes, inaccurately portrays, or fails to represent groups of people who bear the burden of racism and discrimination in our society. We have also added a feedback feature to make it easier for users to flag problematic content.
  2. Commit to studying historical and current forms of racism and discrimination in medicine, and use that knowledge to create content that illuminates the true causes of health disparities and promotes health equity advocacy.
  3. Consciously recruit employees who can bring a rich diversity of perspectives and reflect the students we are serving and, by extension, their patients and communities.

We recognize that racism and discrimination are public health emergencies and are working to improve our content, as quickly as technical processes allow. We are committed to the sustained effort that social justice requires. And while it is our work to do, we are reaching out to scholars and activists to collaborate with, to ensure that we are centering the voices of those directly affected by disparities. We are grateful to users who believe in Sketchy enough to send us feedback that illuminates our blind spots. We are listening and converting your feedback into action.

Sketchy is committed to teaching medicine in a way that confronts the harms of an unjust society and inspires health professionals to advocate for equity as a pivotal part of caring for their patients and their communities.

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