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Learning Pathophysiology is about to get colorful

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“The Pathophysiology videos single-handedly got me through my first two years of medical school. I’ve raved about Sketchy Path to many of my friends and they have told me that they regret not using it sooner!”

-Bianca Y., Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

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Explore the Pathophysiology Curriculum

The human body is a marvel of microscopic mystery and while you don’t have to know all the diseases, syndromes, and other conditions, you’re sure responsible for a lot of them. We’ll make sure it all stays in your mind!

The tough stuff, made simple

Sketchy’s Pathophysiology course breaks down even the most difficult topics into short and easy to understand lessons.
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Lessons you’ll remember

Sketchy uses creative storytelling and visual mnemonics to help you learn and retain everything you need to know about Pathophysiology for your rotations.

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