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Learning Immunology is about to get memorable

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“I LOVE SKETCHY it is the only reason I am doing well in med school. I have wished for the longest time Sketchy would do Immunology so this is very exciting!!!”

-Evelyn T., Wake Forest

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Explore the Immunology Curriculum

Once upon a stem-cell, there was a kingdom that came under attack. With natural killer assassins setting the stage for an epic immunological battle, get ready for an epic learning experience that will unveil the secrets of the body's defense mechanisms like you’ve never seen before.

The tough stuff, made simple

Sketchy’s Immunology course breaks down even the most difficult topics into short and easy to understand lessons.
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Lessons you’ll remember

Sketchy uses creative storytelling and visual mnemonics to help you learn and retain everything you need to know about Immunology for your rotations.

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