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Our mission: learning made unforgettable

What makes an ideal Ambassador?

Our ambassadors don’t just watch our videos. They believe in Sketchy’s mission to make learning unforgettable for everyone.
  • You are active within your academic community, either online or in-person.
  • You exemplify Sketchy’s brand values of “students first,” inclusivity, curiosity, and extreme ownership. 
  • You are currently enrolled in medical school years one, two, or three; or in a nursing, PA, or pharmacy program; or are a pre-med student studying for the MCAT. 
  • You are a strong communicator and are excited to share Sketchy news, updates, and promotions with your network.
Students First
Everything we do is to help students reach their goals  We build trust and relationships with them. We listen and learn. Our mission is their success. 
A Palace For All
Come as you are. We welcome all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, religions, and orientations. Together, we are able to build worlds for everyone.
Drawn Together
We seek to collaborate across teams. We believe in open lines of communication. We are connected by our passion for higher learning and dedication to our mission.
Create Magic
Create magical experiences, both for the students we serve, and for the teams we work with everyday. Laughter is the best medicine. Trust us, we’re doctors.
Stay Curious
We are all learners. Every day we strive to be better than the day before. We ask tough questions, are open to direct and constructive feedback, and recognize that no one knows everything.
Move and Measure
We have a bias for action. Roughly right is our sweet spot. We make moves and iterate, not overplan and pontificate. 
Extreme Ownership
Leaders own all outcomes. We do not blame people or circumstances. We are scrappy and get it done. We admit fault and seek ways to improve.  
Craft the Future
We play the long game. We do not sacrifice long term success for short term gain. We are bold innovators.

The Sketchy Method

Backed by real science with proven results

Rooted in an ancient memorization technique called the method of loci, our lessons are research-proven to accelerate learning, increase retention, and improve test scores.

Proven Results

Sketchy makes better doctors
500,000 lives are saved each year by doctors who’ve used Sketchy
Sketchy saves students  39 days  a year on average
That’s enough time to sail across the Atlantic Ocean
Other ways to use your rescued time:
Run over
Attend a
Take over
Sketchy improves exam scores
9 out of 10
Users agree they score better on exams than they would without Sketchy.
Sketchy accelerates recall ability
of users are able to recall information more quickly than students who don’t use Sketchy.
Sketchy gives students an edge
of users say Sketchy gives them a competitive advantage over their peers.
of users say Sketchy helps them work more efficiently than classmates who don’t use it.
Students are buzzing about Sketchy
of users would recommend Sketchy to a classmate, friend, or colleague.
Sketchy Just Works

Learning made unforgettable.

  • Library of 1,800+ lessons across Medical, MCAT, PA, & Pharmacy
  • Save up to 18 hrs/week studying
  • 9/10 users report higher exam scores
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