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MS1 & MS2 | USMLE Step 1

The Course Content for the USMLE Step 1 and pre-clinical years

Autonomic Drugs
Cardiovascular & Renal
Blood & Inflammation
Smooth Muscle
GI & Endocrine
Reproductive & GU
Blood & Coagulation
Myeloid & Lymphoid
Muscoloskeletal & Derm
Molecular Biology
Vitamins & Minerals
Clinical Genetics
100+ Sketchy Videos
100+ Review Cards
950+ Quiz Questions
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100+ Sketchy Videos
100+ Review Cards
1,100+ Quiz Questions
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150+ Sketchy Videos
150+ Review Cards
1,500+ Quiz Questions
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40+ Sketchy Videos
40+ Review Cards
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Sketchy Medical was absolutely essential in all levels of my medical school preparation. Their products played an integral role in me scoring in the 90th percentile on my Step 1 exam.
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The absolute best study resource... It is my go-to supplement class material.
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You are truly an amazing company and I would not have passed infections without you.
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Sketchy Medical is the best resource I have used thus far in med-school. I honestly do not know what I would do without it and boast about it to everyone I know.
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Sketchy Medical is the future of medical education... After watching a single video for one of the topics in Sketchy Medical, I was easily able to memorize an additional 20-30 facts without even trying.
- Jay, Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine, Class of 2022

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Memorable illustrations are sketched layer by layer as the narrator guides you through the key learning targets.

Symbols reappear throughout the course, highlighting related concepts across multiple sketches.

Review What You Have Learned

Reinforce learning concepts with our illustrated review cards. Flip through symbols and refresh your visual memory.

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Quizzes with interactive symbols and characters allow you to immediately test your knowledge. Identify which learning targets you have mastered and areas of opportunity.

We Help Make Doctors

Our team of subject-matter experts work to develop new content all the time. A dream squad of PhDs, MDs, Pharmacists, students, educators, and artists are dedicated to transforming the way you learn and recall information.

We deliver updated courses, videos, and review cards continuously so you can always be at the top of your game (and class).

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