We’re on Discord! That’s right—there’s now a one-stop-shop to meet fellow healthcare students and professionals, get study tips, discuss your favorite Sketchy lessons, unlock exclusive deals, and much, much more! Keep scrolling to learn about the new Sketchy Discord and join our server today! 

What’s Discord?

Discord is a popular social media platform used by 250 million users worldwide. Similar to Skype and Slack, Discord supports video calls, voice chat, screen sharing, and text, allowing users to get in touch real-time. Users can create public or private servers on anything from art, to community, or even grilled cheese (lol), and is popular among gamers, students, and professionals alike. The best part? It is completely free to use.

Why it’s beneficial for students

Discord offers real-time, forum-style community discussion focused on a personalized topic of interest. Students from all over the world are able to congregate and discuss lectures, participate in events, and collaborate on projects. With a chat UI that supports image and link embeds, file uploads, and the ability to create threads for replies (similar to Slack), Discord is ideal for remote or hybrid learning. Servers are student-run with volunteer moderators who have the ability to mute, kick, ban, and give warnings to troublesome members.

The details: 

File upload size of 8MB

Voice chat up to 96kbps 

Video chat up to 720p

What makes Sketchy’s Discord special

Sketchy’s Discord offers students many benefits that are not available on other platforms. The first of its kind in the MedEd company space, our server gives Sketchy fans a place to discuss Sketchy content, curriculum, and career goals in real time. Our hope is to create a space where healthcare students, professionals, and educators can come together and feel a sense of community and support. 

You can expect to see special events with Sketchy professionals and influencers, exclusive sales, content sneak peeks, and many more exciting Discord-only promotions. 

How to join

Joining Sketchy’s Discord community is super easy! 

Current Discord users: Click “Join Sketchy’s Discord server” below to open Discord. Tap “Accept Invite.” You’re in! 

New to Discord: Click “Join Sketchy’s Discord server” below to open Discord. Choose a username and follow the steps to set up your account. You will have the option to download the desktop app or join the server directly from your browser.

Join Sketchy’s Discord server

Meaghan Foster, MD
Family Medicine 
Jasmine D. Thompson, MD 
Emergency Medicine
Austin E. Carmack, MD
General Surgery 
Alessandra Petrillo, MD
Internal Medicine 
Future Plans: Heme/Onc Fellowship
Arjan Ahluwalia, MD
Internal Medicine 
Future Plans: GI Fellowship
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