Congratulations, you have been accepted into a nursing program! Whether you are a first year nursing student or you have some nursing courses under your belt, studying is essential. Creating an effective study schedule can help you be successful in your nursing program journey. Here are some tips that help me plan out my week!

1. Pick a planning day.

Many people will use Sunday to organize their schedule. This way you can look at the week ahead and determine what works best for you.

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2. Choose your planning strategy.

Do you like to write things down on paper? Or are you more of a tech guru and have a calendar/ scheduling app? Some people like the best of both worlds, and prefer a digital planner because it is small, compact, and easy to update. With that said, find a calendar, planner, or app that suits your needs!

3. Obtain class schedules.

Evaluate assignment due dates as well as exam dates. Using these dates can help create your study schedule/plan.

4. Color code your schedule.

This helps visualize the items that need to occur during the day. Include classes, study time, and work in your schedule, along with personal appointments. I suggest adding any set events at the beginning of the semester so they are easily visible as you build out your calendar during your weekly planning session. Don’t forget to add activities that make you happy and help reset your mind and soul!

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5. Create a study schedule.

Instead of cramming the information in a 4-5 hour period, you can divide the content over the week into 1 hour sessions. Many people retain more information when they study over a period of time instead of cramming right before the exam. You can change up how you study each day to keep it a bit different and not as boring. For example, schedule an hour to review videos, review cards, questions, and flashcards on Monday. Let’s say your lecture is on Wednesdays, Tuesday can be textbook reading, to get a head start on the lecture concepts. Then Wednesday would be a good time to review the lecture notes for at least an hour. Help that content sink in! On Thursday, change it up a bit and test your knowledge on Tuesday and Wednesday’s concepts by doing practice questions. 

There are many different ways to study. Change it up and keep your mind fresh! Remember if you have 15 minutes of downtime, like waiting for your dinner take out, take that opportunity to fit in a Sketchy Nursing lesson! 

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6. Find your study spot.

It’s important that you find an environment that is conducive to studying. Whether studying occurs at the library, the park, a coffee shop, or your residence, be sure there are minimal distractions! 

7. Check off what you accomplish, and repeat on your planning day!

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Internal Medicine 
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