Improving Student Outcomes, Together

We work together with administrators to create engaging learning experiences that stick
“Grades have improved [with Sketchy]. We've seen student learning be more engaging, they're more engaged in class.”
-Kimberly Land
Associate Professor at Somerset Community College
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Built Together for Positive Student Outcomes.

Meeting students where they’re at by incorporating resources they’re already using into curriculum promotes alignment between student and institutional goals.

Supplementary Learning Built to Support Your Curriculum

We believe in the value of learning by doing. That’s why as a resource founded by MDs, Sketchy is designed to work together with you in the classroom. Here are some ways Sketchy works to augment the student learning experience:
Traditional Curriculum Supplement
Instructors teach about a topic in class and assign students the corresponding Sketchy video to review at home and help make the learning topic “stick.”
Flipped Classroom (PBL) Structure
Instructors assign students to watch a Sketchy video at home. In class, students then apply what they learned through collaborative case studies, hands-on labs, or problem-solving activities.
Full Curriculum Integration
Instructors incorporate Sketchy into their lectures by matching videos to systems or course topics and utilizing the Sketch as an integrated teaching aid.

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