Sketchy Ambassadors

Make an impact | Connect with your peers | Earn Cash

Ambassador Perks

Being an ambassador comes with great perks. 
Free 12 month Sketchy subscription 
Cash back when you refer new Sketchy users
Sketchy Swag
LinkedIn Endorsement from Sketchy 

What’s it take to be a Sketchy Ambassador?

Passionate about Sketchy
You don’t just watch our videos. You believe in Sketchy’s mission to make learning unforgettable for everyone.
Active student
You are currently enrolled in medical school years one, two, or three; or in a nursing, PA, or pharmacy program; or are a pre-med student studying for the MCAT. 
Role model
You exemplify Sketchy’s brand values of “students first,” inclusivity, curiosity, and extreme ownership.
Great communicator
You are active within your academic community and are excited to share Sketchy news, updates, and promotions with your network.