“When VCs tried to give us money we asked: ‘How would it help us democratize football and reach 200 million users?'” says Patrik Arnesson, co-founder and CEO of Football Addicts, the Swedish startup behind Forza Football, the football app that, by all accounts, is growing at a clip. Read More
Doxa says it can help companies make diversity a priority without slowing them down. The post Algorithms Can Help Startups Push Diversity From Day One appeared first on WIRED.
 Commercializing a new tool to bring the basic eye exam into the palm of a doctor’s hand could save the eyesight of nearly 1 billion people worldwide. That’s the goal that Zhou Yaopeng and Marc Albanese, two former photonics researchers who met at Boston University nearly a decade ago, have set for themselves and for their two-year-old startup, Smart Vision Labs. Read More
Last night's Season 2 premiere was pretty slow. But it was fun to play "Wait, where have I seen that actor before?" for the hour. Here's where you saw them. The post Here’s Everyone You Probably Googled During True Detective appeared first on WIRED.
 Get ready, Austin. For the fourth year running (maybe more, it’s hard to keep count) we’re visiting one of our favorite cities in the world to check out the shining stars of Austin’s ‘stay-weird’ tech scene. Tomorrow evening at the Palm Door on Sixth, we’ll be holding our world-renowned TechCrunch Pitch-Off, where some amazing companies will get exactly… Read More
In 2011, China surpassed the US to become the world’s largest smartphone market. But after four years of maturation, demand is finally slowing. The post China’s Massive Smartphone Market Is Finally Slowing Down appeared first on WIRED.
 SherpaVentures, the venture fund run by Shervin Pishevar and Scott Stanford, is raising a new $175 million fund, according to a filing with the SEC. This is the second fund from SherpaVentures for investing in startups at the Series A or Series B stage, and it is just a bit more than the $150 million it raised in Fund I. In addition to these main funds, Pishevar and Stanford have a $250… Read More
 The U.K. voted in a General Election on Thursday. The result ends five years of coalition government, and ushers in five years of true blue Tory rule. Here’s a quick round up of a few of the tech issues and areas that are going to be in play over the course of this Parliament. Read More
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